Jane Fonda's Lifelong Regret
April 1, 2005

From Vietnam to her sex life, Jane Fonda is coming clean about everything on Sunday night's "60 Minutes." Her biggest confession? She and her first husband, director Roger Vadim, had group sex.

"One night Vadim brought another woman to my bed with me and I went along," Fonda admits. When asked if she liked it, Fonda replies, "I don't know."

Fonda says she used tricks she learned from playing a prostitute in the movie "Klute" to pull off the trysts. She also admits she'd bring call girls back to the house to please Vadim.

"It hurt me," Fonda says in the interview. "He reinforced my feelings that I wasn't good enough. One of the reasons I went along with it was I felt if I said 'no,' he'd leave me."

The legendary star, who makes her screen return in the upcoming movie, "Monster-in-Law," also tells Lesley Stahl about what she calls the biggest mistake of her life: going to North Vietnam and visiting enemy soldiers who were shooting down US pilots.

"It was the biggest lapse of judgment I can ever imagine," she reveals.

To many, Fonda became forever known as "Hanoi Jane" after that visit. Many saw it as an act of disloyalty, a point of view Jane now understands, saying, "It was like I was thumbing my nose at the military and at the country that gave me privilege."

See the rest of Jane Fonda's provocative interview Sunday night on "60 Minutes."

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