Carolina Herrera Makes Star Fashion Affordable
April 1, 2005

She's the designer who makes Salma sizzle, gets Katie camera ready and RenČe ready for her close up. There's no doubt about it, the world's most famous and fabulous all love Carolina Herrera.

"I love fashion and that's why I'm doing fashion," Herrera told us. "Fashion is for the eye. It's to please the eye. It's to make women and men look better."

Herrera's elegant, chic and ultra-feminine looks are always in style, and now with her new CH Lifestyle stores at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas, she's spreading her message of elegance to the masses.

"It's very important to know what looks well on you," Herrera explained. "You don't have to wear what is fashionable at that moment if it doesn't look well on you. This boutique is a lifestyle for men and women."

Beauty is a family business for the Herreras. Carolina's daughter, Carolina, runs her perfume division, and in addition to sharing her mother's name, she shares her passion for fashion. "Working with my mother is the easiest thing because she is very open," Carolina Jr. told us.

So with her fiercely loyal celebrity following, fashion flock and family, Carolina Herrera is making the world beautiful, stylish and chic every day.
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