Around the World in 11 Days with Sharon Stone
March 31, 2006

It's been 15 years since the sizzling "Basic Instinct" hit theaters, and now Sharon Stone is back to her old tricks in the steamy sequel.

Sharon visited five European cities in 11 days to promote the new thriller and brought "Extra" along for company. "London to Paris, to Rome, to Madrid, to Berlin. I want a nap," said the exhausted actress.

Between press conferences, photo-ops and a glamorous Italian premiere, Sharon and sister/stylist Kelly took a short Roman holiday to visit the Trevi Fountain. But Paris was what Sharon was really looking forward to.

"I want to go to the Eiffel Tower and have a little champagne," she said. "It's so exquisitely beautiful."

By her fourth premiere in less than a week, Sharon began to feel fatigue set in and found that her hair was a little out of sorts. "I kind of look like Alfalfa right now," she laughed. "Alfalfa goes to the premiere."

Sharon managed to regroup in Madrid and then quickly jetted off for Germany: "Here we go, leaving Madrid. On to Berlin, it's horrifying."

Fortunately, there was plenty to keep Sharon occupied in Berlin, namely shopping! "There's Gucci Paris, which is good, and London, good. But Gucci Berlin -- so fabulous." she gushed.

Although tiring, the trip was a smashing success, and now Sharon has her eyes fixed on the States to do it all over again.

"Basic Instinct 2" is now in theaters everywhere.

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