Rap Star LL Cool J Jumps Into the World of Fashion
March 29, 2006

LL Cool J is joining forces with sexy superstar Jennifer Lopez in the breakout hit "Control Myself," and the hip hop mogul sat down with "Extra's" Terri Seymour to talk about that and also, his new clothing line called The Todd Smith Collection.

Terri Seymour: Why have you chosen now to use your real name?

LL Cool J: I think there are two reasons. The first reason being it's a chance for people to get a deeper peek into me and a deeper peek into my dreams and my spirit. It's not hip hop, it has nothing to do with my music; it has nothing to do with the persona that people would probably automatically associate me with.

Terri Seymour: So you think people will be surprised?

LL Cool J: I think I would be.

Terri Seymour: How would you describe the style you're going for? What's the look?

LL Cool J: I think the look is very considered, well tailored, very good fabrics, fine fabrics. The clothing will be up to par.

Terri Seymour: But it's good to have a bit of bling?

LL Cool J: If that's what you like. For me, absolutely, I like diamonds personally.

LL's new Todd Smith line hits racks this fall, and the new Todd Smith CD hits stores April 11th.

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