Movie Is Just Icing on the Cake for Queen Latifah
March 29, 2006

Queen Latifah plays a mammoth role in the upcoming animated feature "Ice Age: The Meltdown" -- literally!

In the film, she lends her voice to the cute, but confused, wooly mammoth, Ellie. Ray Romano returns as Manny, another mammoth seeking love, who eventually falls for Ellie. And Ray seemed very eager to take on the romantic lead.

"Sometimes in a movie you get a little excited when you have a love interest," he confessed. "Even though it's animated, I got into it."

To celebrate the new movie and her 36th birthday, "Extra" surprised the Queen with a little cake and icing! "Thank you for the extra, extra calories and the extra, extra love," she said.

So, how will the Queen finish celebrating her big day?

"I am celebrating," she said, "I'm fortunate. I am here. I'm alive, and I'm blessed with a new movie. I have friends and family who love me."

Fall in love with Ellie the Mammoth on the big screen, as "Ice Age: The Meltdown" hits theaters on March 31st.

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