Stone Takes over NYC for 'Basic Instinct 2' Premiere
March 28, 2006

It was flashbulb frenzy Monday night in the Big Apple, as Sharon Stone lit up the red carpet at the "Basic Instinct 2" premiere.

The beautiful 48-year-old superstar, donning a red dress, confided to "Extra" that some of her own family was there to see her daring full frontal nude scene for the first time.

"My family so gets it," she said. "My family is so cool and supportive."

Sharon also revealed that doing her own stunts in the long-awaited sequel almost cost her her life. "It was tough," she said. "It was intense. It was scary."

The scary incident happened when Sharon was wearing stilettos for a wild sex scene in a car. "We bam into the water and my heel went through the grating on the floor and my heel got stuck, and I couldn't get it out," she said. "And I'm calmly just trying to do the scene and stay in character and get my shoe out of the floor, and I can't get it out."

With the water rising, Stone turned to kiss her co-star. "As I turn, the heel came out of the floor," she recalled. "And I was so relieved. But I'll tell you, it was very traumatizing. True panic, I had nightmares."

But safely back on land, everything was dreamy again when old pal Usher surprised Sharon at Monday night's premiere. And you can catch Catherine Trammell's killer comeback, in theaters March 31st.

'Basic Instinct II: Risk Addiction' World Premiere
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