Has Jessica Found Love on the Set of Her New Movie?
March 28, 2006

Just days ago, Jessica Simpson told "Extra's" Jon Kelley on the set of her new movie "Employee of the Month," "I think it's pretty obvious that my personal life needs a bit of a chill."

But now it appears that once the meltdown began, Jessica needed something, or someone, to cozy up to. And it looks like she turned to the handsome, red-hot comic Dane Cook, who plays her love interest in her new flick.

According to this week's Us Weekly, the buzz around New Mexico is that Jess is getting cozy with hunky Dane on and off camera. The magazine reports that Dane and Jess have been spotted out on the town hugging and flirting, despite the fact that Dane has a girlfriend!

"Dane is one of the most genuinely nice guys you'll ever meet," Jessica told "Extra." "He's the best at making anybody laugh."

But while Jessica insists the hookup rumors are false, she is confirming other rumors. Jess revealed she plans on financially adopting an entire orphanage in Mexico. So could her own little ones be far behind? "I know that I want to adopt," Simpson said. "I want to adopt before I have my own kids." Only time will tell!

Speaking of time, only time can heal the wounds of a broken heart, and from the looks of things, Sheryl Crow's heart is fully mended! "Extra" has the all-new photos of Sheryl and her new cycling man.

Now that her Tour de Lance is over, we spotted Sheryl on the mend from her recent breast cancer surgery, riding her bike this weekend through the streets of LA with a new mystery man.

Meanwhile, while Sheryl's love life speeds up, Scarlett Johansson sped to number one on FHM's "100 Sexiest Women in the World" list.

Smoking starlets Jenny McCarthy and Carmen Electra also made the cut, but Scarlett aced the list.

And according to published reports, Scarlett has also scored her way back into the heart of her undercover boyfriend, Josh Hartnett. The two were reportedly on the out, but they are now back together, and were seen together indulging in a couple's massage in Manhattan.

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