Aniston Gets By With the Help of Her Real-Life Friends
March 27, 2006

Jennifer Aniston wasn't always the household name she is today. While the superstar recalls her early days in Hollywood as lost, lonely and alone, Jen revealed she gets by these days thanks to her real-life friends.

So how did Jen tap into the emotions for her new role in "Friends with Money?" She said it was easy; all she had to do was reflect on her past. "I was in those shoes longer than I've been in these shoes," she said, referring to her first jobs in LA as a waitress and bike messenger.

While Jen's lost and lonely days are long gone, she acknowledges that life is easier when you have supportive friends surrounding you. Lucky for Jen, her close friends were her co-stars on her new movie.

"She's my buddy," Jen said of Catherine Keener. "She's a little pit bull when it comes to anybody trying to mess with you. I was just lucky."

Jen is also lucky, as she has funnyman Vince Vaughn by her side. So, we had to ask, what does Jen really think of all the wedding rumors, including the most recent that she and Vince will tie the knot at Oprah's $8 million Santa Barbara estate?

"The guest list, the food, everything, ridiculous," the actress said. "It's not happening." But how does she brush the rumors off and keep on going? "You start to laugh because they get so ridiculous," she said.

At least she is laughing with her friends. "Friends with Money" hits theaters on April 7th.

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