Romancing Stone: What Sharon is Looking for in Mr. Right
March 27, 2006

Only "Extra's" A.J. Calloway sat down with the always-stunning Sharon Stone for a candid one-on-one about fame, finding Mr. Right and the long-awaited comeback of murdering man eater Catherine Trammell in "Basic Instinct 2."

A.J. Calloway: It's been 14 years since we saw Catherine Trammell.

Sharon Stone: I know, I can't believe it!

Calloway: So why all the buzz about the full-frontal nude scene in the new movie?

Stone: Many people are talking to me about this because clearly it's a shocking revelation to the world that women in their 40's are not dead. We're not decrepit, and when you see us naked it's not a horror show.

Calloway: How has the recent European press tour been?

Stone: We had a blast. People [in Berlin] were like, ‘Sharon, Ah! I love you!' And three months ago, I was just the lady in the supermarket with baby vomit on me.

Calloway: Explain to me why Sharon Stone is still single. What's going on?

Stone: I think in my life, I've really been a person that really takes care of people. And I don't think that I really fully matured into the understanding of partnership.

Calloway: What do you look for in a man?

Stone: Someone who's cool to hang out and be themselves with me, my friends, their friends, my family, their family; someone who's normal.

Calloway: Do you ever get a chance to see that? You ever ask a man out?

Stone: I don't think I would ask a man out, but I would encourage a man who I thought might want to ask me out.

There may be a lot of asking when "Basic Instinct 2" hits theaters March 31st. And don't miss Tuesday's "Extra," as Sharon tells all about her life threatening, hair-raising underwater stunt.

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