Anti-Aging Beauty Secrets Revealed
March 24, 2006

Beverly Hills is buzzing about three new weapons in the war against aging. Only "Extra" is checking out the exclusive new products to see how well they work!

Skin care specialist Angela Nice, from M Aesthetics in Los Angeles, swears by Wellbox, a small miracle machine that helps eliminate cellulite, puffy eyes and saggy skin by breaking up fat and toxins.

"The love handles," she said. "This eliminates them practically overnight."

And with an easy and quick switch of attachments, you can actually firm your face. "We're able to re-sculpt and restructure the face," Nice revealed. "Lift your butt, lift your cleavage, it's incredible for the cleavage areas!"

Results are immediate, but they don't come cheap; the Wellbox costs a cool $1,500.

Meanwhile, you can say so long to acne with the Zeno Zit Zapper. "Zeno is a machine that is the size of a cell phone," Dr. Debra Luftman said. "It works by heating up a pimple and getting rid of it completely."

Thanks to the Zeno Zit Zapper, you can zap those zits away in the privacy of your own home. "All you have to do is press a button, apply it to the skin and hold it there for two and half minutes," Luftman explained

In less than 24 hours, the Zeno Zit Zapper will leave your smiling face pimple free!

And check out the revolutionary skin care line called Actifirm. Owner Lisianne Bishop told us the collagen-boosting creams, serum and enzyme cellular peel have a secret ingredient.

"What makes Actifirm different is mushrooms," Bishop said. "Mushrooms gently exfoliate the skin without creating redness or irritation."

Now you're in the know with this trio of at-home skin treatments!

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