Aniston Opens Up about Lonely Hollywood Beginnings
March 24, 2006

The day after Jennifer Aniston announced her split from husband Brad Pitt, the actress began filming "Friends with Money." In the film, Jen plays a woman with three friends who have found more success than she has. At one point, she finds herself cleaning homes.

In an all-new interview, Aniston revealed to "Extra" that her role in the film actually had her flashing back to her darkest days. "When I first moved to California," Jen revealed. "I just kind of felt lost, lonely, alone."

But that was before Aniston found success on "Friends," and at a time when the unknown actress struggled to make a name for herself, much like her "Friends with Money" character. "That period in your life where you have no direction whatsoever."

Jen revealed the role even reminds her of her childhood. "I was not a maid, but my mom made me clean the house twice a week," she laughed.

The lovable Jen stars opposite Oscar winner Frances McDormand, Catherine Keener and Joan Cusack in the film.

Aniston also admitted that there's a real-life lesson to be learned from her character's troubles. "Money does affect personal relationships sometimes," she said. "Depending on the people."

And it was the people in Jen's life who helped her get through her real-life personal woes while making the movie. "Greatest crew, great actors, everything was great!"

"Friends with Money" hits theaters April 7th.

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