Reese Witherspoon Talks Life after Oscar
March 23, 2006

She may have Oscar gold, but Reese Witherspoon isn't resting just yet. "Extra" spotted the superstar across the pond, scooting around the set of "Penelope," a modern-day fairytale in which she stars and produces.

"I am always thrilled when I get a job over in England," Witherspoon admitted.

"Penelope" is just one of four projects Reese now has in production, one of which has landed her a record-setting salary.

"Right before she won the Oscar, she scored $29 million for ‘Our Family Troubles,' revealed Entertainment Weekly's Ari Karpel.

Witherspoon's big paycheck marks the biggest payday ever for a woman in Hollywood. And Karpel said that figure will only grow if "Our Family Troubles," a thriller, performs well next year.

"The pressure is certainly on right now," Karpel said. "And the next few movies will make a difference on how she's perceived."

But Reese doesn't worry about pressure. She's just looking for more juicy roles like June Carter. "I like to represent women that I know," she said. "Things, ideas, conflicts that women I know have to deal with. I try to keep it real, you know?"

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