Celebrity Pictures Equal Cold Hard Cash for Photogs
March 22, 2006

Paparazzi pictures mean big bucks for looky-loo lensmen.

But now, what used to be a game of celebrity hide and seek is turning the streets of Hollywood into a high-stakes version of cowboys and Indians! Thanks to advanced technology, nearly everyone is now equipped with a camera phone. Small and often unnoticeable, happy snappers have a new weapon in this old war.

Gary Morgan, who runs one of Hollywood's biggest photo agencies, calls it "People Paparazzi." And for Morgan and his agency, Splash News, this is great news. "An army of literally millions; everyone's got a camera phone now," Morgan said.

These days anyone can be a paparazzo, catching celebs in candid moments. Who can forget the priceless photo of Brad Pitt in Tokyo or the Whopper of a moment with Ashlee Simpson, who was unaware of a fan's video camera at a Canadian McDonalds?

Us Weekly's resident trend spotter Katrina Szish told us that Average Joes are now, "Snapping pictures of celebrities with their cell phones or digital cameras, and then trying to cash in on those pictures."

And we're not talking chump change. Britney Spears' wedding photo made $150,000 for the lucky guy who took it, Colin Farrell's kiss was worth $4,500, Brangelina in a mall brought in $30,000 and a Paris and Paris make out session was worth $7,500.

So, if you party with Paris, spy on Britney as a bride or catch Colin canoodling, grab that camera phone! Becoming a paparazzo is as easy as snap, send and sell!

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