Eva Longoria Sets the Record Straight
March 22, 2006

It's Eva Longoria on the offensive, attacking reports about her sex life!

The stunning "Desperate Housewives" star came right to "Extra" to set the record straight about her relationship with NBA star Tony Parker, and to give us the real deal about her sex life.

According to Eva, her new interview in Allure magazine has been twisted into something it's not. "It's just another publisher wanting to sell their magazines," she said.

Especially upsetting to Eva is this quote about her squeeze, Tony: "He's very sweet. I'm the experienced one."

Longoria said the press misconstrued her interview as, "I'm the teacher of sex. Because I'm older, he's younger. I'm like, ‘People, c'mon! Of course he's a good lover!'"

Is it true the 23-year-old basketball star has taught her a few things? "He's French!" Eva quipped. "Believe me, when the lights are out, I am the student."

Eva is also angry about this quote from the article: "He's only been with one other person in his life." That too was taken out of context. As Eva explained, "They made it sound sexual, and it was not. He's been in one long-term relationship. (For) six years. Then he started dating me."

So who's angrier about the article, Eva or Tony? "I am, definitely," Eva told us. "Because you can say anything about me you want, but you cannot say something about someone I love. My gloves will come out!"

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