Jessica Simpson: Getting Her Life Back on Track
March 21, 2006

Just four months after her headline-making split from Nick Lachey, Jessica Simpson revealed she's a changed woman. But it's only for the better.

"From the last time I talk to you, I feel like I am a completely different person," Simpson confessed. "But I'm only 25."

On the New Mexico set of her new movie, "Employee of the Month," Jessica opened up to "Extra" about escaping life in the Hollywood limelight. She revealed that being on location in New Mexico has helped her heal from the breakup with Nick.

"I had to go back to Los Angeles this weekend for an appointment, and it was so strange," Simpson related. "It was 20 paparazzi following me to buy sweatpants."

An unfaltering part of Jessica's real life is her family and their foundation of support. Simpson said her family is helping her adjust to life after Nick. "My family and I have gotten closer over the past three months," she said. "Maybe because I was living with them for about a month of that."

"I was just with my sister the other night," Simpson added. "And she's such a woman. She's giving me advice, and I love that. She's just stepped up to the plate, and I am so proud of her."

Professionally, Jessica is proud of her new-found success on the silver screen. "'Dukes of Hazzard' was really more about the body," Simpson admitted. "So, this is actually a movie that has a lot of lines for Jessica, which is nice."

When she's not on the movie set, Jessica is working to set up an organization for orphaned children. "I just really want to bring awareness to interracial adoption," she said. "Definitely I know that I will adopt. I want to adopt before I have my own kids."

Jessica called Angelina Jolie and her adopted kids an inspiration. "I think that Angelina Jolie has done amazing, amazing things," Simpson said. "And the international adoption rate since her has skyrocketed."

Crusading for kids, a new movie in the works and a big smile back on her face -- yes, it appears Jessica Simpson is getting her life back on track.

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