Hollywood's Eligible Bachelorettes Search for Mr. Right
March 20, 2006

They are gorgeous, ridiculously independent and they know exactly what they are looking for in a man. Only "Extra" has a candid look at Hollywood's most eligible bachelorettes, who are single and ready to mingle while on a mission to find Mr. Right!

Superstar Kirstie Alley has lost nearly 60 pounds on Jenny Craig. Now that she's slimmed down and is sizzling at age 55, what is she searching for?

"Men are sort of idiots," Kirstie has said. "I'm not saying they all are. And I want to find the one who's not."

Bombshell Salma Hayek has dated some of Hollywood's hunkiest hunks, including Ed Norton and Josh Lucas. But while she looks unbelievable at almost 40, Salma is still searching for the one.

Hayek's mantra? Never limit yourself by looking for a certain type. "I don't look for something in particular," she revealed. "I hope one day I'm going to meet somebody and I'm going to say, ‘Okay, this is it!'"

At 41, Teri Hatcher brings the heat as the most eligible "Housewife" in America. And since divorcing actor Jon Tenney, she's had a rule that will keep her looking outside of Hollywood for that special someone.

"I have a rule about not dating actors," Teri revealed. "That's not a new rule. In fact I have quite a few people encouraging me to bend the rule."

And finally, still smoking at 48 years old, Sharon Stone is taking it all of for "Basic Instinct 2." But Sharon isn't looking for a hunk! She told Newsweek that her ideal man would, "Want to wear SpongeBob pajamas."

As for bait, Stone always keeps it sexy. She even revealed that "Basic Instinct 2" includes more nude scenes. "Everybody got to put in their two cents," she revealed. "And I thought we should put in a little more of the controversy."

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