A Shower of Stars Hit Sin City for ShoWest
March 17, 2006

The annual ShoWest convention, held on the glitzy Las Vegas strip, attracted Hollywood's hottest celebs and gave theater owners a preview of the summer box-office thrills.

Vince Vaughn, star of the smash hit "Wedding Crashers," arrived solo without his squeeze, Jennifer Aniston. The red-hot actor came to pick up an award for Comedy Star of the Year.

So can fans around the world expect a "Wedding Crashers Two? " "No, we haven't talked about that at all," Vaughn revealed.

A "Wedding Crashers" sequel may not be in the works, but Vince did tell us all about his upcoming romantic comedy, "The Break Up," in which he stars with his real-life gal pal, Jennifer Aniston.

"It's funny, and I think people should know it's kind of an anti-romantic comedy in some ways because it is the breakup," he revealed. "And there is some stuff in the movie that is kind of real or universal with relationships."

Meanwhile, up and comer Brandon Routh, who succeeds the late Christopher Reeve in "Superman Returns" this summer, was named Male Star of Tomorrow. Brandon told "Extra" about a warm letter he received from Chris' widow, Dana, not long before her recent death.

"She was very happy I had the role," he said.

Male Star of the Year, Hugh Jackman, is preparing to return as Wolverine in "X-Men: The Last Stand." And how did the buff Aussie achieve his ripped physique?

"Working out like a dog and eating like there's no tomorrow," he admitted.

Former "American Idol" contestant, Jennifer Hudson, was just thankful to work with her idol in the new movie "Dreamgirls." "Beyoncé, of course, is my favorite artist," she said.

Natalie Portman, who nabbed Female Star of the Year, is now on the big screen in one of the biggest roles of her career in the highly acclaimed "V for Vendetta." The young starlet admitted to being nervous about her latest role: "I'm very excited to hear people's reactions."

"V for Vendetta" is now open nationwide, and keep an eye on the box office for all of the hot new summer flicks that are coming soon.

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