Sharon Stone's Sequel Too Hot for U.S.?
March 17, 2006

From making Big Ben blush in London to making photographers moan "Mama Mia!" in Rome, super sexy Sharon Stone is taking Europe by storm as she promotes the wildly anticipated sequel to "Basic Instinct."

"I thought the movie really turned out beautifully," Stone told us.

In the midst of promoting her vamped-up reprisal, Ms. Stone invited "Dateline's" Stone Phillips inside her Beverly Hills mansion.

Sharon revealed that some of the sex scenes in the steamy sequel were ruled too hot for U.S. audiences. "A lot of the nudity that we did is still cut out of the movie," Sharon said. "I think when they do release the director's cut you'll see it's even more provocative than what is eventually seen [on the big screen]."

But while Stone is heating up the big screen, her real life love is pretty quiet. "I haven't been what you'd really call dating," she confessed. "I'm super open to dating. I'd love to be dating."

Catch Sharon's date with "Dateline" on Sunday. "Basic Instinct 2: Risk Addiction" opens March 31st.

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