Keith Sings Public Songs of Love for Nicole
March 16, 2006

It's not an Urban legend anymore! For the first time, Keith Urban is telling the world about being in love with Nicole Kidman. And while on the record, he admitted they're living together in Nashville.

"For me, it's hasn't been as bad as everyone thinks," Urban admitted. "You know, it's not like their stalking outside our house 24/7, it's not like that."

Urban made the comments during a co-hosting stint on "Country Showdown USA." While he wouldn't get into wedding rumors, he did say there are some things he and Nicole just can't do.

"There are certain things you want to go do together, and you want your mate to be there," Urban said. "But mostly you just try and, you know, pick places where you shouldn't be going because it's going to be too crazy."

Meanwhile, another crazy couple, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, will always have Paris!

The super couple left St. Tropez and returned to the City of Light Wednesday. Once they landed, Brangelina waded through the curious crowds at the Orly Airport with Maddox and Zahara in tow.

The latest wedding gossip centers around Lake Como, Italy, where the media is on high alert after word leaked out of a possible weekend ceremony at George Clooney's Italian villa!

"Extra" has breaking break-up news: Phil Collins and his third wife, Orianne Collins, are now living separate lives. They have decided to call it quits after six years of holy matrimony.

In a join statement, the couple said, "They have been living separately since the beginning of the year." In addition, they are parting ways, "In the interests of their two children."

Phil first showed signs of a possible problem on "Extra" last September, telling us: "I've been through a minefield of personal things in my life. I'm just trying to get brighter, trying to get it better every day."

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