Jessica Simpson Travels to D.C. for Mission of Mercy
March 16, 2006

Blonde bombshell Jessica Simpson is trading in her daisy dukes and cowboy boots for a new role: Queen of Capitol Hill.

Jessica went to Congress on a mission of mercy and to meet with the President, Mr. George Bush himself.

"I'm just so excited because the President asked for a special meeting," Jessica told "Extra" on the set of her new movie, "Employee of the Month." "We're going to sit down face to face."

The trip will be jam packed, as Jessica goes face to face with the President and faces Congress for the first time. She is attending as ambassador for the humanitarian organization, Operation Smile, whose mission is the help young children who have deformities, clef palates and clef lips that disable them from smiling.

Only "Extra" got to hang with the nervous superstar on the set of her new movie, "Employee of the Month," in New Mexico just before she headed for the Hill.

"I'm nervous because I'm going to Congress," Jessica confided. "I'm like, ‘Oh Lord! What in the world is going to happen? What am I going to say?'"

Simpson's goodwill visit sent shockwaves through the beltway when reports claimed she snubbed the President. But Jessica told "Extra" that nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, they're old friends; she even performed at his inauguration ceremony.

"This will be my fourth time to the White House, and I'm only 25," Jessica said. "He's a very personable guy. He's a Texas guy. Their ranch is four doors down from my aunt and uncle's ranch. We have lots of Texas stuff to talk about."

But the Texas talk will have to wait. "Extra" has learned the President cancelled their meeting Thursday. The White House had no comment.

But you can bet a busy Ms. Simpson will have no trouble filling her schedule and making those around her smile like never before.

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