Doctors Give Tammy Faye One Year to Live
March 14, 2006

Doctors have called her a walking miracle, but after fighting colon cancer for more than a decade, Tammy Faye Messner may finally be losing her battle.

"They say that colon cancer or any cancer that has spread in stage four cancer, that the prognosis is generally a year," Faye revealed to Larry King Monday night.

Although Tammy may be breaking apart inside, she told King that her legendry spirit is still intact. "I hope heaven's not going to be boring, Larry," she said.

But Tammy Faye isn't giving up on this life just yet, revealing that she's planning a cooking show for May and a return to "Larry King Live" sometime soon.

"I'm believing God that one day I'm going to come back," she revealed. "I'm going to look right in your eyes and I'm going to say, 'Larry, I told you! It's all gone!'" she revealed.

If she doesn't get that chance, Tammy Faye says that with her faith in God guiding the way, she's not afraid to move on.

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