Stars Light Up Comedy Arts Festival in Aspen
March 13, 2006

It's a celebration for the funniest people in Tinseltown. And this weekend, Hollywood darling Goldie Hawn was honored at the 12th annual Comedy Arts Festival in Aspen, Colorado.

Also on hand for the weekend laugh festival were Lisa Kudrow, comedian Damon Wayans and lovebirds Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn.

While Damon was weighing in on the latest snow biking craze: "A brother got to do what he go to do, to show them you know we ain't scared of snow!" he joked, Vince and Jon Favreau were entertaining festival fans with a look back at their cult comedy "Swingers."

And they couldn't resist comparing that buddy movie to another film about a couple of friendly guys! "You would have been Jake," Favreau joked to Vaughn. "Hopefully in your heart, I always stay Jake," Vaughn replied.

But despite all the laughs from the funny guys, it was golden girl Goldie who shined brightest at the celebrity snow fest. And she revealed some shocking secrets about her first job as a go-go dancer!

"It was a truck stop, seriously. It had a big juke box," she recalled. "It was playing ‘Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime.' This is what I was dancing to, Dean Martin," she said.

And you have to love why Goldie thinks laughter is her secret to looking so young! "What you got is a joyous heart, and that means a childlike heart," she revealed. "And when you have that, you have the appearance of being younger."

Judging by Goldie's Hollywood hotness factor, it's definitely working!

Also on hand for the fun was Jennifer Aniston, who is featured in this month's Vogue. And the honest article tells all: from her surreal life journey to what she really thinks about the fuss surrounding her ex.

"Don't feel sorry for me," she said. "Don't make me your victim. I don't want it. It makes my skin crawl," Aniston reinforced.

Jen also revealed she is tired of being part of what she calls a sick, twisted Bermuda triangle, and she just wants to move on to the future.

Part of her future? Vince Vaughn, who Jen coyly refers to as a good friend: "First and foremost, he's a really good, loyal friend," she said. "Fiercely loyal."

And while Jen and her good friend Vince heated up Aspen all weekend, we can promise things will be a lot hotter when her thriller "Derailed" is released on DVD.

Only "Extra" has the deleted scenes that never hit the big screen! The DVD also features commentary from Aniston, wet hair and all, about her smoking, rain-soaked love scenes with co-star Clive Owen.

"It's pretty hot and pretty fast," Aniston promises.

"Derailed" is available March 21, and Aniston's revealing Vogue interview will be on newsstands Wednesday.

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