High Fashion for a Low Price
March 13, 2006

Today's style obsessed celebrities would never be caught dead wearing the same outfit twice. But just because you don't have their super-sized budgets doesn't mean that you can't look like a superstar!

"Today" show contributor and author of ‘Before you Put that On,' Lloyd Boston, revealed how to maximize your looks with minimal costs.

The fashion guru took us to Jones, New York in Macy's Herald Square for a lesson on dressing your best for less. And he revealed that in order to really sizzle, all you really need is one good suit.

"First, the classic: your basic business suit," he said. "Then, to go from plain to preppy, it's a jacket with jeans, white shirt, and colorful flats," he reveals. "For evening, the jacket comes off and the dancing shoes go on."

For a more casual look Lloyd suggests, "A short skirt and a turtleneck with a twist."

You'll score major fashion points with sweet chic and a colorful twin set, and for a sexy night on the town, Lloyd says, "You can take it off at night and give a little shoulders."

And what's a cheap and effective way to add a hint of diva to any outfit?

"Gotta have a bright scarf. It's all about a hint of color," he says.

Whether for the red carpet or for a night on the town, Lloyd's got the lowdown on all your fashion needs.




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