Simon and Ryan Sing Songs of War
March 9, 2006

Last night on "American Idol," Taylor had the crowd on their feet and Ace reached a new high. But it was the season long Ryan versus Simon slugfest that stole the show once again.

The punches were rolling as the two began a war of words. "I had a dream about you last night," Ryan quipped. Simon snapped back, "I don't want to discuss whatever fantasy dreams you have about me on the show."

And the "Idol" host continued to dodge Judge Dread's bullets as he said: "Ryan, I'm saying what people at home are thinking: ‘Now, on with the interview.'"

So, what's the deal with Mr. Mean now? "Extra's" Terri Seymour (and Simon's girlfriend) met with Ryan at his new Hollywood restaurant where the "American Idol," and the new "E! News" daily host, gave her his take.

"I think he's envious," Ryan said. "He looks at me and sees such a younger individual, and now it's beginning to really frustrate him." The host continued, "He's my older sister!"

And while Sister Simon and the other judges may have their favorite contestants, Ryan's not ready to reveal any names. He would only say, "I believe at the finale, it'll be one male and one female."

That's how the competition went down last season, when Bo Bice faced off with Carrie Underwood. And although Bo didn't claim the "Idol" title, he has a hit album and a number one music video.

Now, Bo is returning to the "Idol" stage for the first time since that fateful night. "I'm very excited," Bo said. "This is the gig of the year so far for me."

The proud papa shared a snapshot of 5 month old Aiden with us. And he had some fatherly advice for the current crop of contestants: "Keep trucking. It's all about hard work, dedication and luck."

Will practice pay off for the males hoping to hook a spot in the top 12? Find out tonight on FOX!

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