Teri Looks Through Past to Bright Future
March 9, 2006

Teri Hatcher has stood tall, resurrected her career and taken home a Golden Globe. But no one knew the pain Teri harbored deep inside.

"It's tremendously painful for her to dredge all of this up," said Leslie Bennetts of Vanity Fair. "It makes her feel very vulnerable and very exposed."

Vanity Fair's Leslie Bennetts listened in awe as Teri recounted her tale of abuse at the hands of her uncle, detailing how it has affected her life for the last 35 years.

"I think that having been abused when she was a child has had a really damaging affect on her adult relationships," Bennetts observed.

Teri is dealing with some of that damage by writing a book, "Burnt Toast," which she shared with "Extra" a few months ago. "(I'm) just trying to have some self acceptance and taking care of myself," Hatcher revealed. And the book contains, "A lot of my little silly, crazy stories," Hatcher said.

One of those stories is about not having sex with her ex husband Jon Tenney while on their honeymoon. "I asked her why they didn't have sex," Bennetts told "Extra." "She never really does answer it in the book and she never really did tell me either. But sex, I think, has been an issue for her."

Teri hopes finally sharing her dark past will allow her to heal and find true intimacy. "It's time for me to accept all the complicated things about me," Hatcher confessed. "And if I do that, maybe I'll find somebody who wants the whole package."

Bennetts added, "She's ready to have wild passionate sex with the right person." And rumors have been be whispering that the right person is Oscar winner, George Clooney.

"They live on the same street," Bennetts noted. "They had gone to a neighborhood hang out of his and had dinner."

However, don't get excited over this news just yet! "She had denied publicly that she is dating him," said Bennetts.

Teri's courageous interview with Vanity Fair hits shelves this week. And her book, "Burnt Toast," comes out in early May.

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