'The Sopranos' Returns with a Bang
March 8, 2006

This bloody Sunday, the highly-anticipated final season of "The Sopranos" will kick off with a bang! While the cast couldn't break their family code of silence to "Extra" at the season premiere party Tuesday night in New York City, every star revealed the same thing: someone is going to die!

Frank Vincent, who plays Phil Leotardo, revealed there will be, "A lot of bangs, many, many bangs." But no one was telling how many bangs would be fired.

"How many, you want to know?" asked Steve Van Zandt. "I've revealed enough."

On the bloody red carpet, James Gandolfini, Mr. Tony Soprano himself, was all smiles. And Steve Schirripa, Mr. 'Bacala' Baccalieri, told "Extra," "It's gonna be a great season."

Since no one would let us in on "The Sopranos" deadly secrets, we thought we might be able to squeeze it out of Edie Falco. But she wouldn't break the code of silence either.

Dr. Melfi, Lorraine Bracco, was decked out in diamonds, and we asked the doctor if rumors of a future rendezvous with Tony are true. "Yeah?" she said. "Wow!"

So, take it from Bobby Bacala; Tony and his guys are not going to back down. As Schirripa said,"It's going to get messy!"

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