What Caused Dana Reeve's Health to Suddenly Deteriorate?
March 8, 2006

As the news of 44-year-old Dana Reeve's shocking death reverberates around the world, her celebrity friends are still reeling.

"I don't think words can comfort at this time," George Lopez said of Will, Dana and Christopher Reeve's son. "Just love and support of his family, and for Will to know that millions of people loved his father and mother."

"What I loved about Dana was her regularness," said Deborah Roberts, a friend and colleague of Dana's. "She was a girlfriend, a mom and a woman who was looking to get through life as it was dealt to her."

But perhaps "The Sopranos'" Edie Falco said what's on a lot of our minds. "I didn't know she wouldn't get better," Falco admitted. "I'm very upset."

So what went wrong? Less than two months ago Dana was singing her heart out. And four months ago she looked and admitted feeling great. "I've been responding so well to treatment and the tumor is shrinking and shrinking and shrinking," Reeve had said.

Dr. Mitchell Gaynor, author of the book "Nurture Nature, Nurture Health" did not treat Dana, but he has several theories of what happened.

"Whether the medication stopped working, or whether she had a side effect to the medication or whether the cancer just progressed," he explained. "Any of those are likely scenarios."

Another question is, who will care for 13-year-old Will? Howard Jonas, the producer of the Reeve's last joint project together, told us that Chris' son and daughter from a previous relationship are moving in with Will to care for him: "He has no mother, no father, but it's a tight family."

Dana's dear friend Michael Manganiello, who's also vice president of the Christopher Reeve Foundation, was one of those with Dana in the end. He told Diane Sawyer Wednesday morning what the final moments were like.

"We all sort of held hands," he revealed. "And we were all there with her, and it was surprisingly peaceful."

Funeral arrangements for Dana are being kept private at this time. However, the foundation she formed in memory of Christopher Reeve lives on. For more information, click here.

Christopher Reeve Foundation
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