Nick's Serial Dating and Alec's Obligation
March 7, 2006

Alec Baldwin is opening up to "Extra" for the first time about the book he's writing, based on his ugly divorce from Kim Bassinger and their custody battle over daughter, Ireland.

"I have an obligation to do it," Alec revealed. And at the Bay Street Theater benefit in New York, which Alec hosted with Julie Andrews, Alec gave "Extra" the scoop on why he's opening up the book on his private life!

"Many men who get pulled into the family law system in this country; they get beat up pretty bad," he explained. "I'm there to write a book to explain to them what happened to me and hopefully they can avoid some of the same problems I had."

While Alec is avoiding relationships, Nick Lachey can't get enough of them! And the hunky bachelor is now being deemed a serial dater!

"Extra" was the first to report about his dancing dance with former Miss Kentucky USA, Lizzie Arnold.

And now, Us Weekly's Carolyn Shaffer is explaining Nick's new ways. "Nick was a dutiful husband for three years," she said. "Now he's totally done a 180, and he's a serial dater."

And Nick's serial dating is making headlines everywhere! On this week's cover of Us Weekly, Nick's new flame is revealed! 19 year old "Laguna Beach" star, Kristin Cavellerii! "He hooked up with her twice," Shaffer reports.

But Us reports Nick then moved on to another blonde, just four days after his last date with Cavalleri. And his most recent love interest is USC student, Courtney Fob, who is a dead ringer for Jessica Simpson!

It's obvious that Nick is ready to have a good time; and his friends have his back wherever he goes. Us Weekly revealed when Nick goes out, he has a strategy to avoid bumping into the Jessica. "He has pal, AJ Discala, scout out events," Schaffer revealed. "To make sure Jessica's not going to be in attendance wherever he goes!"

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