Sheryl Crow Stands Strong with Support of Friends
March 2, 2006

Sheryl Crow was upbeat and friendly as she signed autographs outside a Hollywood hotspot Wednesday night, just one week after undergoing breast cancer surgery.

The beloved star was out and about, leaving what inside sources tell us was a party in her honor. Famous friends gathered together to support the singer's battle, including Courteney Cox Arquette and Laura Dern.

Sheryl was also the talk of the red carpet Wednesday night in Beverly Hills at the Power Benefit sponsored by Saks Fifth Avenue.

A bevy of A-listers such as Lisa Kudrow, Diane Lane, Lisa Rinna, The Black Eyed Peas, Steven Spielberg, Natalie Cole, Ellen DeGeneres, Rita Wilson and Tom Hanks all sent their well wishes to Crow. "There's millions of survivors out there; make it one million and one," Hanks said.

Inside the event, "Extra" caught up with breast cancer survivor Melissa Etheridge, who was toasted by Hanks. "She moved us with her courage to rock the house," Hanks said.

Melissa was then presented with the EIF Women's Cancer Research Fund Courage Award, for which she graciously said, "I wish you love, I wish you peace and light. Thank you all very much."

Ellen DeGeneres, whose mother is a breast cancer survivor, later took the stage, where she congratulated Etheridge for her honorary award.

Today, "Extra" has learned that Sheryl may seek treatment near Nashville, where her family lives. We've also learned that Sheryl's ex, Lance Armstrong, has been in touch by phone and e-mail.

"He's extremely concerned," revealed Peter Castro, People's executive editor. "And she's extremely grateful for that concern."

Armstrong, a famous cancer survivor, is playing a hands-on role in Sheryl's recovery. "He's been talking to people in his organization to get Sheryl the very best care," Castro said.

While Sheryl had to postpone her concert tour, fans can look forward to a brand-new acoustic performance: her new hit, "Always on your side."

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