Pam's Back, Bigger and Better than Ever
March 31, 2005

Although Pam Anderson admitted, "I never thought I'd do TV again," she is officially back in a big way and doing what she does best -- going front of the cameras for a hot new TV series as well as a glamorous new ad campaign.

When we sat down with the blonde bombshell, we had to ask: any truth to the rumors that she's hooking up with Steven Spielberg to do a "Baywatch" move?

"I heard there's a 'Baywatch' movie going on," Pam admitted. "Well, they talked to me a little bit. Who knows what's going to happen with that or how they're going to shoot that, I don't know."

Nearly eight years after her "Baywatch" run, Pam looks incredible. You'd never know she's still battling the deadly disease Hepatitis C. "Even with Hepatitis, it's not just the person with the disease, it's their support group and the people around them that are obviously affected," she explained. "But I deal with it in my own way."

Part of Pam's support group is her new boyfriend, actor Stephen Dorff. But most important to her are her two sons with Tommy Lee, which is why the sexy superstar left the spotlight last summer, declaring, "No more movies, no more TV." But FOX TV has lured her back with the new sitcom, "Stacked."

Pam admits she was conflicted about going back to work, and in fact, she told the network that being a mom comes first. "This is a great schedule for a single mom," she revealed. "I gave them my little league schedule at work and said, 'I can't miss any games.'"

Pam is also busy raising money to fight AIDS, joining Christina Aguilera and Missy Elliott for the MAC Viva Glam V ad campaign. "Sure, I'm up for anything," she admitted. "I do always end up getting naked -- but that's okay, you look thinner naked."

So Pam, any other rumors you want to clear up? "Do I have rumors about me?" she laughed. "I'm pregnant. No, I'm kidding, I've said that a couple of times. I'm kidding, I'm not."

Well, any way you stack it, Pam's back.

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