The Donald Fires the Rumors
March 31, 2005

When you're as rich and famous as Donald Trump, rumors come with the business. Now, the billionaire is teaming up with "Extra" to do some serious rumor control.

True or false: rumor has it The Donald is about to rake in a million bucks to teach a one-hour course in real estate.

True -- Trump confirmed the rumor, but said not to believe everything else you read.

True or false: rumors have flown recently surrounding Trump and his new wife, Melania. So is it true? Is the happy couple expecting a baby Trump?

False -- "Melania is not pregnant," Trump stated.

Meanwhile, Trump is delivering exclusive "Apprentice" news only to "Extra." So, true or false: did he recently hire fan favorite, Andy, from "The Apprentice 2?"

True -- Andy is doing a real estate deal with Donald Jr. "I thought he was really special," Trump told us. "I said, 'Andy, you're hired.'"

"Working for Mr. Trump is like a dream come true," Andy revealed to us. "I started 'The Apprentice' with that goal in mind and to have it turn out this way in the end is beyond expectations."

And speaking of working with The Donald, is it true or false that Trump is courting Michael Jackson to perform at his Vegas resort?

False -- "No I'm not courting Michael," Trump told us.

On to the next rumor: is it true or false that Trump recently visited Martha Stewart to start working on her upcoming "Apprentice" spin-off that he's producing with Mark Burnett?

Also false -- "No, Martha wants to be able to breathe a little bit," Trump explained. "She just got out, and she wants to be able to breathe. But she's terrific."

So there you have it: tthe truth and nothing but about all the latest Trump rumors. And finally, it's completely true that you can catch Donald Trump's "Apprentices" as they go into the pizza business, Thursday night on NBC.

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