Nick and Jessica's End? 'Idol' Coupling? Naomi's New Assault?
March 30, 2005

The rumors never stop in Hollywood -- good thing "Extra's" here to set them straight!

They're the cutest odd couple on TV, but is it really over for TV "Newlyweds" Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson?

Yes -- Nick and Jessica are done with their TV show, which aired on MTV for three seasons, but they are still happily married. Their final episode airs Wednesday night.

Jennifer Aniston rocked hopeless romantics everywhere when she officially filed for divorce last Friday, and while she doesn't want Brad Pitt's money, does she want the Beverly Hills mansion?

Yes -- and Brad is giving it to her. Peter Castro, executive editor of People magazine, told us that in the upcoming issue they report that Brad was close to selling their $14 million Beverly Hills mansion, but Jen wanted it, so he let her have it.

Meanwhile, "American Idol" is set to eliminate one of its top ten Wednesday night, but have contestants Scott and Nadia already made it a party for two?

This one remains to be seen -- the contestants were snapped looking quite cozy grabbing a bite to eat together, and Scott even carried Nadia's pink bag while shopping in Studio City, California.

Naomi Campbell has a record of assault with a cell phone, and now she's being accused of beating her assistant in Brazil with a Blackberry. So has the simmering supermodel added Blackberry to her list of high-tech weapons?

No -- despite the claim, her rep told "Extra" that the story is, "Absolutely not true."

Finally, Martha Stewart is a free woman, but is the ankle bracelet that monitors her home confinement rubbing the domestic diva the wrong way?

Yes -- Martha's skin is reportedly so irritated from the device that she's seeking treatment from a dermatologist. She's also asking a federal judge to remove it so she can save her company and more importantly, so she can wear skirts and dresses.

We spotted Martha at church on Easter Sunday as well as the pesky bracelet, which bulged under her right pant leg.

Don't miss Wednesday's "Extra" to see the photos of Martha and the "Idol" maybe-couple.

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