At Home with Heidi and Seal
March 29, 2005

Supermodel Heidi Klum has made her latest model move, launching her new signature candy line, but never fear: "It's fat-free candy," Klum revealed.

And "Extra's" Tanika Ray discovered that the model's munchies are already a hit in Europe. "See they all have different smiley faces," Klum showed us. "That's why they are Fruity Flirtations because they are like all these different things."

From Victoria's Secret to TV's "Project Runway" and now to the candy business, Heidi runs a business empire. And now, she and her new fiancé, pop star Seal, are expecting their first child together.

We got a glimpse at her big rock and talked about life inside the Klum-Seal household, which includes Heidi's other child, 10-month-old Leni.

"He's just the perfect daddy," Klum revealed of Seal. "He's just very natural at everything, changing diapers and carrying her around and playing with her. He's just wonderful. You know, I think that's what life is all about. I love having a whole bunch of kids around the table one day."

Heidi's special delivery isn't due until the fall, but her candy line is about to hit stores nationwide.

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