Rumor Control: Britney's Baby Buzz; J.Lo Takes on PETA
March 29, 2005

Britney Spears has been giving the paparazzi an eyeful, filling out her bikini as she hung out on her brother's balcony while her husband reportedly partied in Vegas. Britney's curvaceous new look has magazine headlines in turmoil as they ask themselves and the world, "Is Britney pregnant?" Reports have her avoiding cigarettes, coffee and dyeing her hair, which could all be signs of impending motherhood.

So is that a maternal glow we detect from the pop princess?

No, not according to her reps -- her people flatly deny that Britney is about to be a mom.

Meanwhile, Jennifer Lopez has her hands full facing off with Jane Fonda as her "Monster-in-Law" in their upcoming movie, but is the fur already flying in real life for J.Lo?

Yes -- the animal rights activist group PETA has launched an all-out war on the chart-topping star for her use of fur in some of her fashions. But Lopez has reportedly flexed some muscle of her own, getting a gruesome full-page PETA ad removed from an upcoming Billboard magazine. PETA is crying foul, and Lopez's rep admitted involvement in getting the ad nixed, saying, "I'm doing my job, which is protecting my client."

And with Us Weekly calling it "Reese's Lonely Marriage," are Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe ready to call it quits?

No -- a representative for the couple denies that they are leading separate lives, even though Ryan was not spotted on a family Easter egg hunt over the weekend.

And finally, the stars came out as the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation honored Billy Crystal Monday night in New York. So was Billy's big break in television also a big breakthrough for the gay community?

Yes -- Crystal starred in the '70's TV show "Soap" as Jodie Dallas, and he told us, "On 'Soap' I was one of the first, or the first, recurring gay characters on TV."

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