Meet America's Most Eligible Man
March 28, 2005

He's the guy every woman wants to date -- but we got there first! That's right, before ABC's newest bachelor hits the dating scene with 25 beautiful Bachelorettes, our Tanika Ray got her shot at Charlie O'Connell at New York's Trousdale restaurant.

So first off, what's it like to be the new bachelor? "It's a little overwhelming," Charlie admitted.

And talk about overwhelming -- on Monday night's premiere, the Bachelorettes are ambushed with only five minutes to get ready before meeting Mr. Right.

"It was half my idea," Charlie confessed. "But I wish I was in my pajamas, too, so I wouldn't make them feel so uncomfortable."

But Charlie's anything but uncomfortable in the spotlight. The 29-year-old actor and real estate investor is the younger brother of "Crossing Jordan" hunk Jerry O'Connell. And it was Jerry's real-life romance with Rebecca Romijn that inspired his NYU grad little brother to look for the perfect girl.

So is Charlie ready to get married? "I'm definitely ready to start a relationship that can move toward marriage," Charlie told Tanika.

But not before the Bachelorettes pass review with Charlie's parents. Word is Charlie's mom doesn't like the "floozies" and isn't wild about her little boy making out with the girls.

So how will it turn out? Tune in to ABC Monday night to catch the beginning of Charlie's quest for love.

Meet 'Bachelor' Charlie
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