Lisa Marie Takes on Tabloids
March 28, 2005

Lisa Marie Presley is ready to rock ABC's world. Millions of Americans tuning in to "Desperate Housewives" will get an earful of Lisa Marie's "Dirty Laundry," the first single off her new album, "Now What."

"I was really flattered they wanted to use it," Lisa Marie told our special correspondent Randy Jackson, who was himself really flattered to be hanging with The King's daughter -- a woman more mysterious than even the ladies of Wisteria Lane.

And speaking of the "Housewives," is there a character on the show Lisa Marie most identifies with? "I kind of like the Nicollette Sheridan role," she told Randy. "I tend to go more for the bitch."

But there's much more to this tabloid baby-turned-serious rocker. Her new single takes to task the tabloid press -- so what's the one thing she'd really want people to understand about her? "Honestly, just who I am," she admitted. "If you watch and paid any attention, you'd kind of get an idea. If you didn't, you'd just have thing of just a flash, of immediate association with that-which-means-this-which-means-marriage-to-that... but you can't actually see who I am."

An out-of-control press preying on public figures plays a major role in the "Dirty Laundry" video, which features a cameo by George Michael.

"That was just a perfect example of someone who's absolutely annihilated because of some personal thing that happened and he could not come out from under it," Lisa Marie explained.

And thanks to AOL music, Randy and "Extra" fans -- along with Lisa Marie herself -- get a sneak peek at the new video. "This is actually the first time I've seen the final," Lisa Marie admitted. "You can judge it."

"No man, I'm a Lisa Marie fan," Randy confirmed. "So I'm down."

Lisa Marie is hoping the press will finally give her a fair shake, focus on her music -- and keep out of her "Dirty Laundry."

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