Aniston Files for Divorce from Pitt
March 28, 2005

It has all come down to this: Jennifer Aniston signing divorce papers against William Bradley Pitt -- and "Extra" has the inside details on the huge Hollywood divorce. Citing "irreconcilable" differences, Jennifer filed last Friday in Los Angeles, seeking to end the couple's five year marriage.

The Assets

Brad and Jen need to divvy up their $14 million mansion, their ranch, their $6 million yacht and their production company, Plan B, which will release "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" this summer.

People magazine's Michael Fleeman told us it should be a clean financial break. "It's going to be tough, as it always is," Fleeman acknowledged. "But it wouldn't be as hard as if they'd had children."

The Emotions

The emotional part of the breakup might prove a little trickier, however. Brad has been spending a lot of time with Angelina Jolie, promoting his new movie "Mr. and Mrs. Smith." According to many reports, Brad decided he really wanted to be a dad after spending time with Angelina's son, but Jennifer reportedly wanted to focus on her career.

"It's just going to be a very, very difficult next few months for her," Fleeman said of Jennifer's immediate future.

Another little known fact has emerged from the divorce papers: Jennifer had legally changed her last name to Pitt. She now wants to go back to Aniston, the name that made her an international superstar.

Jennifer Aniston files for divorce
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