The Smooth Operators of 'Grey's Anatomy'
March 25, 2005

Hollywood hottie Patrick Dempsey is one of the doctors in the house on ABC's new medical drama, "Grey's Anatomy," but he's doing more than just saving lives with co-star Ellen Pompeo.

"We have a one night stand and then we find out what each other's names are the following morning and that's how the show starts," Dempsey revealed of their characters.

The medical team, which also co-stars "Sideways" sensation Sandra Oh, clearly gets to explore their bedside manner in and out of the hospital. "I think we're a little bit more 'Sex in the Closet,' than we are medical," Pompeo admitted. "So it's a little more fun than your average medical show."

And co-star Isaiah Washington spilled some secrets to "Extra," like how his character is going to hook up with Sandra Oh: "As a matter of fact, Sandra and I in the next episode, we're opening upÍ in bed."

But there's also lots of drama as the show's five interns struggle to become doctors. "It's viciously competitive," Sandra told us.

So with its sex and scalpel story lines and its timeslot on Sunday night right after "Desperate Housewives," "Grey's Anatomy" may be just what the doctor ordered!

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