Tammy's Toughest Fight is Brought to Light
March 25, 2005

Many people assumed they'd heard the last from eyelash-icon Tammy Faye, but they were wrong: now she's back with an eye-opening documentary called, "Tammy Faye: Death Defying," about her yearlong battle with cancer.

"I'm like a cat with nine lives," Tammy told us. "Boy, I'll tell you, when they put the work 'in' in front of 'operable,' you have no idea what ride you're going to take, and you have to start making some really heavy decisions."

Heaviest of all was Tammy Faye's decision to undergo chemotherapy and to allow the Women's Entertainment network to capture it all on camera. "I looked so bad some days that I wanted to cry," Faye recalled. "I would cry before the camera would come. And somehow I faced it."

But the former tearful televangelist didn't bat an eyelash about laying down some ground rules before filming began. "You do not see me without my eyelashes," she told producers. "You see me with all my makeup, my eyelashes stay on."

And even when her real lashes fell out during chemo, Tammy never lost her sense of humor. "I realized something neat by losing my eyelashes," she related. "I realized that my family still knew who I was. It didn't make any difference. I was still me without them, and it was okay."

Check out Tammy Faye's moment-by-moment fight against cancer on the Women's Entertainment network.

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