Searching for Giselle's Sexy Secrets
March 25, 2005

"All My Children's" Cameron Mathison took on a dream assignment for "Extra" -- going lingerie shopping with Victoria's Secret Angel Giselle Bundchen.

The beautiful Giselle has a sexy new scent called "Basic Instinct." But buyer beware -- Giselle revealed that this "Basic Instinct" can bring out the animal instinct.

"It's very dangerous and sexy," she told Cameron. "If you do wear this, you may be attacked in the streets, so be careful ladies, it's a dangerous fragrance. It comes with a warning."

It also comes with a very sexy ad campaign, featuring Giselle herself in some super hot shots.

"What are you thinking about when you're doing these sexy photo shoots?" Cameron asked her.

"Really, I'm not a very sexy person," Giselle protested. "But when I'm working I try..."

Cameron was surprised. "I'm sorry. Did you say 'I'm not a sexy person?'"

"Right," Giselle laughed. "Really, I'm more of a tomboy."

Nonetheless, this tomboy sure knows how to get girly. So what does she think makes a woman feel sexy?

"I think a pair of heels makes a women feel sexy," Giselle told Cameron. "And mascara, too. I think mascara is a woman's best friend."

And then it was time for Cameron and Giselle to get to the lingerie shopping, where they found things that were cute, creative, andÍ confusing? "What is that?" Cameron wondered, looking at one little number. "How does that work?"

Sorting through sexy lingerie with the lovely Giselle, now that's what we call a Basic Instinct.
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