The New 'Bachelor:' A 'Sucker' for Love
March 24, 2005

ABC's newest "Bachelor" may look familiar: Charlie is the 29-year-old younger brother of actor Jerry O'Connell. The two have been pals their entire lives, and now that Jerry's found love with Rebecca Romijn, Charlie says it's his turn.

"I think I'm a good catch," Charlie told us. "I think I'm a sucker to fall in love."

"Yeah, I think there's a part of you that would like a significant other in your life," Jerry added.

But bachelor be warned -- Monday's season premiere will be unlike any other: no gowns, no limos and no makeup. The Bachelorettes, unbeknownst to them, will have just five minutes to get ready to meet Charlie for the first time. Talk about difficult first impressions!

"I prefer a girl that looks good early in the morning and doesn't have to primp," Charlie said. "I think saying that is what made them do this ambush thing, so I feel bad for the girls."

Tune in as Charlie looks for love -- and the girls look nothing but natural -- when the "The Bachelor" premieres Monday night on ABC.

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