Star Justice: Paula Could Face Jail Time; Charlie Fights Back
March 24, 2005

Charlie Sheen is finally responding to his wife's divorce request. And "American Idol" judge Paula Abdul's real-life hit and run could land her in jail.

In Denise Richards' original divorce petition, the actress asked for custody of their daughter, Sam, and their soon-to-be-born child who is due in early June. She also asked for spousal support.

But Charlie is now contesting both of those requests, having filed for joint custody and no spousal payments.

And Sheen is fighting a battle on another front too. The National Enquirer made him a cover boy once again Thursday, claiming that a Super Bowl Sunday rendezvous with a former flame at the Bel Air Hotel broke up his marriage.

But Charlie's representative, Stan Rosenfield, said no way: "The only thing they got right was the spelling of Charlie's name. He has not seen her since 1996 and hasn't been to the Bel Air Hotel in a year."

Meanwhile, one of "American Idol's" favorite judges could be heading to jail. "Extra" has learned that Paula Abdul was charged Thursday with one count of criminal hit and run for an alleged freeway accident that occurred last December. Paula is facing a $1,000 fine and a maximum jail sentence of six months.

Police say that Abdul hit another car during a lane change on a Los Angeles freeway, causing minor damage. The other driver claims the star never stopped, but sources tell "Extra" the driver took a photo of Abdul's Mercedes on his camera phone and turned it over to cops.

Now the "American Idol" judge may have to face the music -- in court.

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