Will Michael Jackson Go Vegas?
March 23, 2005

Does Teri Hatcher have a new man? Did Brad kiss Angelina? Big rumors are making the rounds today, but which are true and which are just idle gossip? "Extra's" got them all under control:

To start with: is Donald Trump really stepping in to save Michael Jackson's career?

No -- with the Jackson trial heating up and Michael's record sales cooling down, rumor had it The Donald was going to make a deal to bring the former King of Pop to Sin City. But don't rubberstamp this one yet -- Jackson would have to be acquitted of his child molestation charges first.

"That's a little bit of a false story," Trump told our Tanika Ray about word that he was interested in bringing some major talent to his Las Vegas hotel. "I think anybody is interested in Michael, but Michael has to clean up the problems that he's got right now."

Meanwhile, "Desperate Housewives" is finally back with an all-new episode Sunday. And with a new episode comes a new man? Does Teri Hatcher have a new beau on her arm?

Yes -- according to Us Magazine, the housewife was out with "Lost" Executive Producer Bryan Burk Saturday night. The two TV titans took Teri's daughter, Emerson, for pizza.

And in other romantic rumors, were Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt caught locking lips?

Yes -- but it's not what you think: the pair are on the cover of Life and Style, and the photo was from a scene of their movie taken when the pair returned to the set to shoot some additional footage. "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" hits the big screen in June.

Finally, has a mistake caused "American Idol" producers to throw out last night's votes?

This one's a yes -- during Tuesday's episode phone numbers at the end of the show were incorrectly displayed. "All of the votes that came in last night have been nullified," said "AI" Executive Producer Ken Warwick. "They won't come into it at all." A new round of voting will start after Wednesday night's show, with an all-new "Idol" elimination episode airing Thursday night.


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