Turning Back the Beauty Clock on Wrinkles
March 22, 2005

Jennifer Lopez, Heidi Klum and Hilary Swank all share a special wrinkle cure, and now we're letting you in on their little secret: Dr. Nicholas Perricone's Neuropeptide Skin Line.

"If we put it on, and you have dark circles under eyes or puffiness, it rapidly resolves it in ten, fifteen minutes," Dr. Perricone told us. "This can naturally increase tone of those muscles. It does the opposite of what Botox does, it gets better results."

Beauties like Kim Cattrall and Courteney Cox Arquette swear by Perricone's three-step plan, which goes as follows:

Step one: eat right. "The most important thing you can do is eat good food," Perricone explained. "Food, remember, beautifies from the inside out."

Step two: take supplements.

Step three: use Perricone's new products, including a serum prep and facial contour cream.

So if you want to glow like J Lo, Dr. Perricone's principles are just what the doctor ordered.

Official Dr. Perricone site
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