Catching Drew and Jimmy's 'Fever Pitch'
March 22, 2005

Look out Drew, it's not another woman stealing your man's heart -- your boyfriend's in love with an entire team. "Extra" sat down with the stars of the hilarious new romantic comedy, "Fever Pitch," which chronicles one man's obsession with the Boston Red Sox's quest to win a World Series, and his girlfriend's attempt to understand it. And it quickly became evident, the mutual attraction between the film's stars explained their sizzling on-screen chemistry.

Jimmy Fallon: She's the greatest, she's like dreamy.

Drew Barrymore: I'm in love with him. He's just the best.

"Extra:" Jimmy, are you obsessed with anything in real life?

JF: I was obsessed with the show "Extra" for awhile.

"Extra:" Thanks. So the movie's timing couldn't have been better. You filmed right in the middle of the Red Sox's unbelievable run for the championship last year.

JF: That was the coolest thing ever. It was just unforgettable, really great.

DB: We were like, "There's no way this is happening right now."

And after hits like "50 First Dates," Barrymore says she really enjoys doing romantic comedies.

"Extra:" You're like the quintessential date-movie girl.

DB: Oh, thank you. I love dates.

In real life, Drew is dating musician Fabrizio Moretti, but she told us that she and her pals may also make another date with "Charlie's Angels."

DB: I bet we'd all, like, totally be up for it. We'd be like, "Oh, cool we hang out all the time anyway."

Until then, catch Barrymore taking a swing at a whole new role when "Fever Pitch" hits theaters April 8th.

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