Dieting? Why You Should Go Coconuts!
March 21, 2005

Hollywood's hottest stars stay trim using lots of different techniques, and now "Extra" is turning to them and the hottest-selling new diet books to pass on the latest diet information to you.

"I don't eat a ton of carbs," super mom Cindy Crawford said.

"Eat until you're full, and then stop," advised "Phantom of the Opera" star Emmy Rossum.

And busy "Sideways" star Virginia Madsen follows this unconventional diet: "You never have time to eat."

But what about today's new diets? We turned to the latest diet books to get the scoop on new ways to look like your favorite stars. Here's what we found:

The Coconut Diet
The Coconut Diet touts a new secret weapon: coconut oil. The book says to add coconut oil to a healthy diet and you can speed up metabolism, control your appetite and lose weight.

But before indulging in the saturated fat, registered dietitian Barrie Wolfe warns dieters: "I don't know if coconut could actually live up to those claims."

The Pump Energy Food Plan
This eating strategy comes from New York's popular Pump restaurant, which serves low-fat, sugar-free, salt-free meals to celebrities like Tyra Banks, Kevin Costner and John Stamos. "It categorizes right foods and wrong foods," Wolfe explained.

The book is filled with healthy recipes and recommends eating twice as many vegetables as protein. It also advises reducing carbs as the day goes on.

The Automatic Diet
This diet isn't really a diet at all. The book teaches you how to break bad food habits and make healthy substitutions that save calories, like using mustard instead of mayonnaise. "A way of life versus a simple quick fix diet approach," Wolfe explained.

So there you have it -- three new approaches to dieting, but with the same goal: a movie star body!

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