Road King McConaughey Missing His Queen
March 21, 2005

Matthew McConaughey was a one-man promotional road show this weekend, as the "Sahara" star wheeled into Beverly Hills in style.

Mathew and his buddy had a wild idea to promote the action adventure flick: spend 31 days and 6,000 miles in the star's personalized Air Stream trailer, complete with an American flag and Texas plates.

"I was going to take a trip anyway and [my friend] was like, 'What if you make a 'Sahara' campaign out of it,' and I was like, 'That is a genius idea.'"

And while Matthew's girlfriend and "Sahara" co-star, PenČlope Cruz wasn't along on this ride, she was definitely on his mind. "I think she likes the trailer, man, but she was busy. I haven't seen her in a while; I'm looking forward to seeing her today."

It didn't take long for the love birds to re-unite. "Extra" got pictures of their reunion that began with a Texas-style barbeque outside the trailer.

Meanwhile, Matthew shared with us some of his interesting road stories. "We pulled the Air Stream through Times Square," McConaughey recalled. "That was a nice buzz. And we gave a ride to a guy for about 100 miles who was hitchhiking. He was cool."

Matthew may like limos and five-star hotels, but what really makes the simple star happy is when he's on the road. "I prefer to drive," he said.

McConaughey and his ladylove hit theaters in "Sahara" on April 8th.

Check out the video for an exclusive sneak peek at explosive scenes from "Sahara" and don't miss Monday's "Extra" to see the pics of PenČlope and Matthew's barbecue reunion.

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