Rumor Control: Definitely Divorce for Denise?
March 21, 2005

The rumors are running rampant in Hollywood -- good thing "Extra" is always here to set the record straight and deliver the truth behind the gossip about your favorite stars.

Denise Richards has just two months to go until she delivers baby number two, so is Mrs. Charlie Sheen considering backing off of her demand for a divorce?

No, we spotted the actress back at work on her TV show "Wildlife," and she confirmed to "Extra" that she feels fine and intends to proceed with the divorce.

David Letterman is going back to work Monday night, moving on after the terrifying kidnap plot against his son, Harry. So is accused would-be kidnapper Kelly Frank ready to admit his guilt?

Apparently not -- in fact, according to Frank's fianc»e, a friend with whom he had a fight is setting up the accused. Frank will tell his side in court, but for now, he's locked up on $600,000 bail and will make his next appearance before a judge Tuesday.

Meanwhile, presidential scandal poster-girl Monica Lewinsky has stayed away from the Clinton house since her Oval Office days. But did the former White House intern nearly have an encounter with Chelsea Clinton over the weekend?

Yes -- according to the New York Post, Chelsea was looking for a table at the same New York City restaurant where Lewinsky was eating with a friend. The two never came face to face, although there's no word if Chelsea lost her appetite.

For the second time in two weeks Michael Jackson hobbled into court late Monday, complaining of a stiff back. It seems the former King of Pop has turned into the King of Pain, but did he actually cry at the courthouse?

This one's a yes -- according to sources, Jackson was escorted out of court and into a holding area temporarily where he began to cry. Court eventually resumed. The case is expected to last another six months.

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