A Shower of Stars at ShoWest
March 18, 2005

ShoWest is the annual convention where Hollywood's biggest stars unveil their latest cinematic offerings, and from Brad and Angelina to Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn, this year was all about on-screen couples.

Drew Barrymore and Jimmy Fallon brought the 20th Century Fox luncheon to a "Fever Pitch," Thursday. The pair's new film of that name, a love story set during a Boston Red Sox World Series win, is bound to be a must-see.

"As soon as someone said you and Drew Barrymore in a movie, I was like, 'Yeah, whatever it is,'" Fallon told us.

And Drew revealed that the Sox's real-life destiny made the movie that much more real. "The team wins the World Series as we're shooting it. And we were able to capture it live on the field," Drew explained. "The authenticity of everything we were able to get, it's amazing."

Barrymore picked up one of ShoWest's biggest prizes while in Vegas: the theater owners of America honored her with the Distinguished Decade of Achievement Award. But she admitted, "I can't believe they picked me."

"I'm in a movie with a legend, how cool is that?" added Jimmy.

But that wasn't Drew's only good news. This legend is also on the cover of Vogue. "I'm so excited," she exclaimed. "You don't understand, I'm 5-foot-4-inches, and I eat macaroni and cheese!"

So what did a slimmed-down Drew do to get set for her cover candid? "I'm just walking, running, exercising with my dogs, and I still can't give up the carbs."

And from one cover girl to another, "Extra" spotted Jessica Alba, whose GQ cover had her "Fantastic Four" co-stars Julian McMahon and Michael Chiklis drooling. "My wife took one look at her and was like, 'Alright, I wouldn't blame you,'" Chiklis admitted.

But what did Alba's boyfriend have to say about the magazine cover? Jessica told us, "He says, 'Babe it's hot -- but it's mine. Does the whole world have to see?'"

And we're going to be seeing a lot more of Jessica as she teams up with Bruce Willis in "Sin City," in which Alba and Willis are rumored to share an intense and passionate kiss. "In the kisses nowadays people are naked before they even kiss," Alba said. "So we wanted to sort of capture that innocence. Lips are important. Mine are big, hard to miss!"

And we won't miss "Sin City" when it opens April 1st, and Drew and Jimmy in "Fever Pitch" on April 8th.

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