Star Beauty Secrets: Victoria's Principles of Beauty
March 17, 2005

She became an instant small screen siren on "Dallas," and now, eternal TV icon Victoria Principal has become a real-life business tycoon, reigning over a $100 million cosmetics and skincare empire. When we caught up with Victoria, she shared the secrets to her success: specifically to looking fabulous at 55.

Victoria claimed her secret is her best-selling anti-aging skincare line, Reclaim, which she developed and perfected and sells on QVC. "Individually, my features don't add up to classic at all," Victoria insisted. "But they are me, and I'm very grateful for it. I get stopped on the street or ladies' rooms. Ladies' rooms are a big place in my life for conversations and skin consultations, and I love it."

So just what are her beauty secrets? She summed it up with three principles: "Eat well, cleanse your skin and use the proper products on it every morning and every night. And of course, get proper sleep."

So as one of Hollywood's most beautiful ladies, why isn't Victoria on primetime TV anymore? Believe it or not, she says between her marriage to plastic surgeon Harry Glassman and her busy business, she's actually had to pass on offers to return to primetime. "I have actually turned down three series in three years, and one is an Emmy-winning hit," she revealed.

And what would it take to actually get back in front of the camera? Victoria told us, "It's going to have to be the one that I just can't live without doing; that if someone else did it, I'd have to kill her."

But Victoria says that acting will always be in her blood: "There's something about coming in early in the morning and the smell of a soundstage and to know that at some point during the day you're going to soar. You never get over that!"

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